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Occasionally you will see free Kindle Books being offered here on Thrifty Times Blog. Some have asked how to get free books without owning a kindle.

Really, it is easy!  First, you have to download a free Kindle app for your Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows based Computer or Apple based Computer. Click the banner below to get your app:

Now, sign up for our Thrifty Times Blog updates. You can click on our facebook, twitter, or RSS feed to get updates.

When you see a free book that you like you can download the book directly or go into your Kindle ap and download the book from there.

It is that easy!

Check it out and look up “classics” to find hundreds of free classics. And that is just for starters.

You can get one of the great kindle apps – but you can also get a new kindle for less than you think! Check it out below.

Free Kindle Books


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