How To Find Your Grocery Store Coupon Policy

Have you been frustrated at certain stores that claim they don’t accept internet coupons only to find their official policy and find out they DO accept them? It can be helpful to know ahead of time if your grocery store accepts certain types of coupons as well as finding out if they accept competitor coupons and both store and manufacturer coupons.

I have found it very simple to find different Grocery Store Coupon Policies.

First, you will need to do a search for your grocer. ¬†Simple put into the search box the name of your grocery store and the words “Coupon” and “Policy”

Next, look for the URLs in the search results – you are looking for your grocery store’s official site. Typically you will see the name of the grocery store then dot com. ¬†But occasionally they are owned by a chain or there may be a variation (such as Giant Food Stores are not but ¬†

When you see a URL that looks like your official food store site, click on that URL – 9 times out of 10 you will land on the page listing the official Coupon Policy!

Try it now – type in the grocery store name followed by “coupon policy” in this google search box then click search-

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